Things You\’ll Need

  • Wood trim

  • Measuring tape

  • Hand saw

  • Miter saw

  • Clear epoxy

The trim around a door is also known as the casing, and it adds some architectural interest to your room. If you have sliding closet doors, there is a chance that they are simply set into the wall with no trim around them at all. Choose a trim that suits your home and your design aesthetic. While a small amount of woodworking skill is necessary for this project, it can be accomplished in a day.

Step 1

Leave your wood trim in the room where it will be installed for at least two days. This allows the wood to expand and contract as necessary in the room's humidity.

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Step 2

Measure the width of the wood trim.

Step 3

Measure each side of the opening around the edge of the sliding doors and add the width of the trim to each measurement. Take measurements for the top of the opening and the sides.

Step 4

Cut three pieces of wood trim equal to the measurements you found in step 3 using a handsaw.

Step 5

Bevel the edges to a 45-degree angle using a miter saw. Bevel one edge of each long piece and both edges of the short piece that fits across the top of the opening. This allows the pieces to fit together like a picture frame.

Step 6

Apply a thin layer of clear epoxy to the flat back of one of the pieces of wood trim.

Step 7

Press the wood trim flat to the edge of the sliding door opening and hold it there for several seconds, allowing the epoxy to grip.

Step 8

Repeat steps 6 and 7 for the other edges, fitting the wood trim to each other at the beveled edges.


Allow the epoxy to cure for 24 hours.

You may also tack the trim to the door using finishing nails and a hammer.

Add some security to the trim by putting a finishing nail through the join of the miter edges from one side using a hammer.


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