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How to Dry Oranges for Decoration in a Microwave

Things You\'ll Need PlatePaper towelsKnife Cutting and drying oranges can add color to your decorations.

How to Make a Moss Shower Mat

1 of 9 Overview In the spirit of natural living and even being eco-chic, creating your own m

How to Frame a Painting Made on a Hardboard

Things You\'ll Need Four pine boards, 1/2-inch thick, three inches wide, 18 inches longBand sawSandpaper, medium-grainSan

Satin Vs. Semi Gloss Finish for a Floor

The high gloss of a gymnasium floor may not be right for your living room. Image Credit: Evgeny Sergeev/iStock

How to Arrange Furniture in an L-Shaped Living Room

Although an L-shaped living room is a common design in one and two-bedroom apartments, it is difficult to decorate in te

What Colors to Mix With a Mushroom-Colored Leather Couch?

Mushroom colors -- a beige-tinged off white -- also include a less saturated mixture of brown and gray, sometimes with a

What Decorating Colors Go Well With Gray Walls in a Living Room?

Warm gray goes low-key and minimalist in this modern living room. Image Credit: archideaphoto/iStock/Getty Ima

How to Make Realistic Corner Trees for a Kid’s Room

Things You\'ll Need Brown butcher paperScissorsThumb tacksStaplerSilk or faux leavesSuper glueIf youre decorating your ch

How to Make Fiesta Centerpieces for Tables

Things You\'ll Need SerapeAssortment of peppersHurricane vase2 margarita glasses2 limesRed or orange blooms If youre

How to Make Pinch Pleat Drapes With Pleat Tape

Things You\'ll Need FabricThreadPleat tapePleat hooks, 4 prongsCurtain rod rings with eyeletsScissorsTape measurePinsSewi

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