Things You\’ll Need

  • Paint

  • 3 hinges

  • Drill

  • Screwdriver

... Keep your old folding closet doors to turn into room dividers.

Room dividers are especially useful in large spaces, allowing you to section off different areas. Whether you're making a cozy nook for sleeping in a studio apartment or separating different parts of a classroom, folding room dividers provide a portable option that's easy to move if necessary. Create your own using two sets of folding closet doors.

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Step 1

Paint or decorate both sets of folding closet doors before assembling into the room divider. Glue pieces of cork board to sections of the closet door to create a room divider that's also a bulletin board, or create a mural on either side. Leave plain for an understated appearance.

Step 2

Lay one set of folding doors directly next to the other set. Line them up evenly, leaving a small gap of about an inch between the two.

Step 3

Line three sets of hinges up between the two sets of doors. Place the hinges at the same heights as the ones on the folding doors.

Step 4

Mark the location of each screw on the hinges with a pencil. Use a drill to create one starter hole for each screw. Screw the hinges into place to attach the two folding door sets.

Step 5

Stand the completed room divider in an upright position and fold the door panels in different directions to balance.


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