A room divider can add a whole new dimension to any space. Whether you want to section off a little area of your living room to use as an office, want to make a play area for your children or create a private area for changing clothes in an efficiency apartment, a divider offers virtually endless possibilities. A room divider is made even more convenient if you add some wheels to its base so you can just roll it around whenever you want to adjust it. Building your own room divider on wheels requires only some basic tools and a trip to your local hardware store. You will also need two partners to assist you.

... You can decorate your divider any way you want.

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Things You\’ll Need

  • Power Drill

  • Plywood Sheet, 1 Inch Thick, Dimensions To Preference

  • 2-By-4 Plank, As Long As Plywood Sheet

  • 6 90-Degree Mounting Brackets

  • 220-Grit Sandpaper

  • 16 Wood Screws, 1 Inch Long (Number May Vary Depending On How Many Screw Holes Are In Mounting Brackets)

  • 4 Roller Wheels With Screw Plate

Step 1

Have a sheet of plywood cut to the size you want for your divider. Most hardware stores will do this for you. Have your 2-by-4 plank cut to the same length as the bottom of the plywood sheet.

Step 2

Sand down the plywood sheet with the sandpaper, particularly along the edges. This is to smooth out the sharp edges, which could cause cuts, and help prevent splinters.

Step 3

Screw a roller wheel to each corner of one side of the 2-by-4 plank on the 4-inch side. The plank will serve as the base of your divider. The roller wheels will be attached to square-shaped screw plates with four screw holes in each corner. Use a power drill to guide wood screws through the holes in the screw plates and secure the roller wheels to the plank.

Step 4

Set the plank on its wheels and test it to make sure it rolls around properly. It should resemble a long, narrow skateboard.

Step 5

Have your partners center the plywood sheet over the plank. Make sure it is perfectly centered and standing straight up, perpendicular to the plank. This is essentially what your bare divider will look like.

Step 6

Attach the plywood sheet to the plank with the mounting brackets. The brackets are pieces of metal bent at 90-degree angles with screw holes on each end to connect the sheet to the plank. Place a bracket at each end of the sheet on each end and one in the center. Repeat the process with the other side of the sheet.

Step 7

Test your divider by rolling it around and making sure it isn't too wobbly. Attach more mounting brackets if it seems shaky at the bottom.


You can paint the divider to match your home or office, if you wish. Just use proper wood paint and primer. You may also decorate it or cover it with cloth.


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