14 Perfect Recipes for a Halloween Party

Throwing a Halloween party? This menu is no trick – it’s a perfect mix of sweet and savoury healthy treats.

Throwing a Halloween party but still stumped on what to serve? Have no fear—adults and kids alike will adore these treats.

Halloween is a fun, lighthearted celebration—not a time for a sit-down fancy dinner. So all of these casual, carefree dishes can be served buffet-style and eaten with your hands. And of course, they’re all favourite alive recipes from over the years!

Sweet (but healthy) treats

  • These Freckled Vanilla Ghost Pops are spooky looking but still delicious and healthy.
  • Chocolate Hemp Balls and Sunflower Seed Balls will give kids sustained energy for a night of fun!
  • Dark Chocolate Brownies are always a crowd-pleaser, while Harvest Cupcakes will give your buffet a seasonally inspired kick.
  • You’ll notice a constant crowd around this Mayan Chocolate Dip. Serve with berries and pieces of fruit.

Savoury snacks

  • Make good use of the leftover pumpkin from your jack-o’-lanterns by making this Pumpkin Chickpea Hummus.
  • Serve this Smoky Guacamole and this Mexican Flag Salsa with tortilla chips and sour cream.
  • If you’ve never tried Roasted Chickpeas, you’re in for a treat! They’re perfect finger foods for all ages.
  • These easy Parmesan Pita Chips go perfectly with this spooky Green Goblin Dip.
  • Everyone loves Spring Rolls, but did you know that you can make a healthy version at home?
  • Why make these Mini Personal Pizzas for the Little Crowd? The name says it all: kids will gobble them up!


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