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Distressed painted furniture gives a room a feel of lived-in comfort. Some call it shabby chic. Others refer
Reflect patriotism in your Fourth of July display. Image Credit: Thinkstock/Comstock/Getty Images Fes
Things You\'ll Need Tape measureCurtain rodBracketsFine-tipped markerAnchorsScrew driverCurtains Divide a room wi
Things You\'ll Need VacuumSoft clothSilicone caulk tubeCaulking gunUtility knifeNail (optional) Caulk the gap bet
Usually when you want to hang a calendar, you can simply use a push-pin or even a nail to hang it from. If you wish to h
Flower stems can detract from your arrangement in a clear vase. Ugly stems can take away from the beauty of a
Things You\'ll Need Tape measureDecorative fabricLining fabricFabric scissorsIroning boardIronPinsSewing machineThreadA r
If you want to attract birds and potential fairies to your porch or garden, give them somewhere pretty to land by creati
Stringers support the components of a staircase. Image Credit: David Sacks/Lifesize/Getty Images Building
Have you spotted luxe marble lamps popping up all over the place? They are gorgeous, but the price is often steep. Makin

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