West Elm has some really great decor, but instead of splurging on a simple piece, save your dollars and DIY your own. Not only will it save you lots of money, but these hacks are so creative they'll give you bragging rights and some sweet decor.

West Elm Hacks

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Use Wooden Dowels to Make a Mid-Century Masterpiece

Mid-Century Modern Planter

This minimalist plant stand is easy to make and can be done with no prior woodworking knowledge.

Instructions here.

Turn a Tree Log Into a Chic Side Table

Stump Side Table

Using a free-form pattern, like this faceted geometric shape, takes the worries away, because it doesn't require any precision or symmetry.

Directions here.

Add Chalkboard Paint to Old Flower Pots for a Trendy Look

Chalkboard Planters

Do you have some old terra-cotta pots that are just begging for a makeover? Grab some chalkboard paint and start crafting!

Instructions here.

Make a Cozy Floor Pouf Out of a Canvas Drop Cloth

Floor Pouf

This simple DIY is customizable to every kind of home decor.

Learn how here.

Use Old Mason Jars to Make Hanging Pendant Lights

Hanging Light

Save yourself some dollars and turn old Mason jars into a functional lighting solution.

Tutorial here.

Make Modern, Natural Planters From Scratch

Concrete Planters

Mix concrete to recreate these modern stone planters at a fraction of the price.

Read how here.

Turn Picture Frames Into Floating Cubic Shelves

Cubic Shelving

Instead of splurging on floating shelves, use dollar-store frames for the same look.

Get the tutorial here.

Upcycle Plastic Bottles Into Modern Garden Planters

Hanging Planters

This project is simple to make and good for the environment. Instead of throwing away plastic bottles, turn them into something beautiful you can be proud of.

Instructions here.

Use Pipes to Make an Industrial-Style Bookshelf

Industrial Bookcase

Pick up some plumbing pipe from your local hardware store and you can make a modern shelving unit that can be customized to fit any space.

Read how here.

Turn a Wood Board Into a Decorative Tray

Wooden Tray

This versatile tray can be used as a decorative piece, a functional lap tray for your laptop or as an added aesthetic to breakfast in bed.

Directions here.

Make a Chandelier Out of Kitchen Supplies

Rhododendron Chandelier

With some cupcake liners and hot glue, you can craft yourself a chandelier that looks straight out of a magazine.

Instructions here.

Craft a Wooden Table From Scratch

Wooden Table

Making a wooden table is easier than you think!

Tutorial here.

Use Vinyl Tubing to Make Decorative Spheres

Golden Spheres

Instead of spending $100 for your home's new accent piece, craft something special out of old vinyl.

Learn how here.

DIY Your Own Padded Headboard

Padded Headboard

Add personality and character to your room without breaking the bank.

Read how here.

Make a Tufted Ottoman

tufted ottoman

Instead of spending tons of money on a squishy ottoman, make your own and customize it to match your home decor and personal style.

Use the Papier-Mache Method and Craft a Chandelier

papier-mache chandelier

Papier-mache is easy (and cheap!) to prepare and can be used to make unique pieces that compliment any room.

Make a Stylish Rug From a Canvas Drop Cloth

rug from canvas drop cloth

Adding an area rug to a space can be a pricey way to add character to a room, unless you know how to upcycle, that is! Use a drop cloth and decorate with a chic design for the perfect (and budget-friendly!) decor.

Featured West Elm Products:

  • Mid-Century Turned Leg Planters
  • Natural Tree Stump Side Table
  • Chalkboard Planters
  • Offset Stripe Mini Pouf
  • Gridded Glass Pendant
  • Ridged Stone Planters
  • Basic Cube Shelving
  • Shane Powers Ceramic Wall Planters
  • Pipe Bookcase
  • Metal-Wrapped Wood Tray
  • Capiz Flower Pendant
  • Expandable Dining Table
  • Sculptural Spheres
  • Tufted Headboard
  • Tufted Ottoman
  • Papier-Mache Bead Chandelier
  • Souk Wool Rug


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